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Artists Case -
artwork, maps and large documents

Cruchley’s Map – Road and Railway Map of the County of Oxford – Victorian?

Brass Rubbings from the Church

Parchment showing The ‘Seize Quartiers of Richard D R Quin

Results of Disastrous Fire of May 23rd 1755

2 Church Photographs - Large – interior and exterior

Ewelme Pageant – 5 paintings by Culham School children

Foundation document of Duke and Duchess of Suffolk

Black and white copy of RAF aerial photographs of Ewelme

16th Feb 1828 Hearing before Justices of Stephen Pike, William Pike, Richard Pike, Richard Hewett, John Hewett and James Hutton for assembling together to disturb the peace (acts of vandalism).

Map of Ewelme no date – after 1968 before 1990.

Parting the Fields Map of 1707 showing ownership of Ewelme fields x 2.

Maps of Ewelme Scale 1:1250 and 1:2500 – 1877, 1898, 1912, 1973 and 2000.

Ewelme Map of 1898

Ordnance Survey map for Ewelme Common re Regulations for Cow Common under Commons Act of 1899.  approved by Minister of Agricultural Fishers & Foods 23rd April 1931.  In map case.

Ancient map of local area showing old roads.  (Taken from a picture)

Ewelme map.  Edition of 1912

Ewelme map. Edition of 1881

Ewelme 1767 (OA. MS. DD. Par Ewelme fields onto 6” OD map)

Old map – probably Victorian

1935 Sales Map of Cottesmore Farm

Undated – Sales Map of Fifield Farm, Fifield Manor and Cottesmore Farm 1919

1927 Sales Map of Goulds Grove holding (inc Potters Farm) for sale

1928 Sales Map of Goulds Grove holding for sale

House site map – June 2006 produced by Parish Council

Napiers drawing of Swyncombe House from Napiers history.

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