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Above:- The  Godden family in about 1913.  Left and right of centre are Edward (retired blacksmith) and Rebecca.  The back row are their sons, left to right John, George, Samuel and Frank. In front of John is his wife Gertrude.  John and Gertrude's daughter (also Gertrude is seated between her grandparents Edward and Rebecca.  In front of Frank is his wife Sarah Jane, holding baby Frank Junior. Frank and Sarah Jane's daughters Frances, Dolly, Bertha and Olive are in front.  Bertha was Cynthia Winfield’s mother.

Local Families

There are very few descendants of the ‘old’ village families left in Ewelme today. Families disperse naturally for employment and village properties are now often beyond the means of the young.  The Winfield’s were the most prolific family in the 19th Century, but the family had prevouly clung to the ‘old faith’ and were not recorded by that name in the church records which began in 1599.  They were first recorded under that name in the late 18th century, after the passing of the Catholic Relief Acts of 1778 and 1791. (Although there were earlier records under ‘assumed’ names of Wyncot, Wincup, Wingate and there was one Winkfield).  The first Winfield baptism was in 1794 and burial in 1817.  The Winfields/Wingfields claim to have been brought over by the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk from their castle at Wingfield near Diss in Suffolk.  (At the time of writing Cynthia Winfield is approaching 90 and can trace her ancestors back several hundred years).  The first Walklin baptism was recorded in 1668, a Munday in 1770, and a Tuckwell in 1809.   None with the name of Walklin or Tuckwell now live in the village.  Some Winfields and Mundays are still in the area, but not in the great numbers of the past. 

People stories

Stories compiled by Carol Sawbridge about some of the colourful people who used to live in Ewelme.  Originally published in The Ewelme News.  Click on the individuals below to read their stories.

Famous people

Click on the 'Archive Documents' box below to discover items relating to some of the more notable residents of the village.  Or click on the highlighted people to read their story:

Jerome K Jerome - Novelist

Richard M. Hare - Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford

Margaret Ritchie - Soprano Singer

Lady Hambleden - Village patron and friend of Princess Margaret

Jelly d'Aranyi - Violinist

Dr. D. L. A. Hussey

Herbert Atkinson (1863-1936) - Artist

Charles Heath - Tutor to the last Tsar of Russia

Stewart Paget - Ewelme's eccentric inventor

Sir Henry Norreys

Thomas Chaucer

Colonel Francis Martyn


Interviews and Memories

Oral interviews were recorded for some of Ewelme's residents from 1996 to the present day.

Click below to read some of their comments, memories and stories on the following subjects. 

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